Sharyn Fleming

Just had my first (hopefully only) fall in my air vest today, after a big spook – so great!  Never have I jumped up off the ground after a fall with a smile on my face like I did today.  Not a dent in me at all.

The pop was so quiet, my very sensitive overreactive mare just stood afterwards looking at me, wondering what I was doing on the ground. 

Best thing I have ever bought!

Jenny Savannah

I had been thinking about an Air-Vest for some time, with the return of a young horse, freshly broken in I felt it would be safest to wear one whilst taking her out and about. I purchased my Air-Vest, had it fitted and fully explained by Kate, the very next day the young horse got a fright and bucked.  I tumbled off and down a slope.  My first thought was ‘wow it went off and that felt O.K’  I went to stand up and realised that my ankle was broken. I am so great-full that I had my vest on.  Landing on my back I believe I would have received much greater injuries.  One thing that I really remember on landing was the neck area feeling so cushioned.  I was the talk of the emergency department and I had doctors and nurses asking me about the vest that protected my body.  The general thought being that all horse riders should be wearing one and that its a shame they don’t make one for ankles.  I won’t  be riding with out it on!

Donna Smith

Donna’s comments after her fall at Puhinui in the CCI*** Dec 2012

” One of the things I was really impressed with when I fell was my H model Hit-Air Vest , which inflated automatically. It sounds melodramatic but it probably saved my life. Puhinui was my first serious fall in it and I was able to walk away and ride the next day. I would recommend them to anyone. Doing the sport we do, which can be incredibly dangerous at times, it’s good to have a safety precaution that doesn’t get in the way of your riding at all. I think everyone that rides cross country should own one.”

Dannie Lodder

Hit-air vests are minimalistic and look stylish while adding safety. Unfortunately I tested one at Puhinui, falling in the xc.

I didn’t even notice it go off and found myself buffered off the ground so was glad I was wearing it. There was no whiplash like you normally get and although a face guard would have been handy, I managed to ride my other two horses later in the day.!  I say Wear one.

Helen Hayward

“I’ve been a Happy Hacker and low level competitor for 25 years and like most riders have had my share of falls.  When Kate suggested I try her HitAir vest I jumped at the chance, loved it and bought one.
It’s so lightweight and comfortable, even over my body protector or show jumping jacket, I even wear it while out hacking. Most of all it gives me the confidence that I have provided myself with the best possible protection available. I believe all riders regardless of what level or discipline should invest first and foremost in their own safety.”

Helen Cotterill

I was thrilled when I heard Kate was bringing in the Hit-Air Vests as it was something I was thinking about investing in for myself.
I tried Kate’s air vest and it was so light weight and comfortable  I  hardly knew I was wearing one! So I had to have one!
I love my air vest I wouldn’t go xc without it. As an amateur rider who works  fulltime and events/ rides  purely for the enjoyment, I feel so much more secure in knowing  that if things don’t go quite as planned (as we all know can happen ) I have  extra protection and gives me peace of mind. I also wear it at home when riding my young horse.

Gracie O’Leary

I researched and bought a vest I thought was best for my child as accidents can happen when you least expect them and I want to protect her as much as possible.
These Hit-Air vests are so light and easy to wear that Gracie wears it show jumping and xc.

Purchasing through someone as experienced as Kate made it easy,  she gave us the chance to try the vest before we purchased and she followed up to ensure we were using it correctly.  The vest has not only made me feel far more relaxed it has also increased Gracie’s confidence as she knows she is as protected as she can be.

I think every kid should have one as would you put your kid on a boat without a life jacket!

Yvonne Lake

“I admit I had to be talked into trying the HitAir vest.

I was worried it would be uncomfortable to wear and concerned I would feel suffocated when it inflated.

Neither has proved to be true. I hardly notice I’m wearing it and it looks fine even over my black jacket.

I have had a few falls while wearing the vest and it has felt like landing on a cushion of air always able to get back on my feet without injury.

My only mistake has been to get back on without it after a fall, only to fall off again at the same fence with only the “normal” back protector on, and fracture my spine!

Its now like a car seatbelt and I feel unsafe if not wearing it.

Like a safety helmet why wouldnt you use it?

Petra Eatson

Just thought I’d let you know I LOVE my new Hit-Air AirVest!!

I didn’t even notice I was wearing it over the weekend but still felt very safe knowing it has so many areas of inflation.

Oh and the colour is PERFECT!

Ruth Woodward

Since buying a Hit-Air vest two years ago I have felt so secure and safe in whatever I am doing on my horse. I wear it for cross country, showjumping and hacking. I wear it at home when I am schooling as most of my work is done on my own and it is my security blanket in case anything happens – at least I know I am safer in it than if it is on the tack room peg!

I love it when I am hacking over farmland – as that is where the unpredictable can happen, like when a pukeko launched itself from under my horse’s feet and guess where I went! The vest saved my fall.

Another virtue is that it helps me stick in the saddle in sticky moments – as I tend to put extra perseverance into staying on board rather than pay $30+ for a new cartridge!

Let’s get as many riders in these as possible – none of us are bullet proof.’’

Mary Sheppard

I have to say I have fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) , deployed the AirVest late last year, and was extremely surprised  to see that my horse did not worry about the noise and she stood patiently by me wondering why I was on the ground.

As I am a mature rider I was ecstatic to feel the comfort of the vest support my back and neck.

After any fall I usually go to the Chiropractor to get any necessary adjustments to make sure all is in the right order well after the deployment of the AirVest no adjustments were required.

I always feel much safer jumping my horse when I have the AirVest on, I will never be without it.

Dianne Oakes

I have used the Hit-Air vest since the day I received from you and it is extremely comfortable to wear for hacking,flat and jump schooling.

I would recommend the Hit-Air to everyone as it only takes one bad fall and your days of enjoyment riding are over. I have not accidentally inflated it yet by forgetting to disconnect myself!!

Thanks for going to the effort of being a reliable supplier of this super protection vest.

Savannah Casey

I’m so glad I got my Hit-Air AirVest!

It’s been worth every penny and has saved me getting injured from a few nasty falls.

I barely feel it go off and is much more comfortable than a regular back protector.

It definitely gives me peace of mind, especially on cross country and I wouldn’t go cross country without it now!”

Marcus Walker

Thank you ever so much for the hit airvest. You very efficient, patient and professional.

It was ace that you sent down three vests in total so I was able to establish which was best for me.

I hope that I do not have to see it go off!

The vest had made me feel safer to ride, and I am sure if/when I fall it will provide me with better odds of not sustaining a serious injury.

Claire Booth

My hit air vest is worth its weight in gold!

Being an older rider I can’t afford to fall , but accidents happen anyway. My horse shied and bolted and I came off at a gallop, landing on my back on a large Boulder.

Amazingly I haven’t even got a single bruise and was able remount and ride home.

The best investment I have ever made!